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Frequently asked Questions

How do I apply?

  • Once you choose the rental you’d like from our listings on Cozy.co, complete the “Apply Online” process. This will create a free account for you where you can login to check your application status and setup your bank account to pay rent. Throughout the process you will be receiving emails from Cozy, so please make sure to read them and follow all instructions.

Who needs to submit an application?

  • Everyone 18 and over who will be living at the property.

How long does it take to process an application?

  • The application process can take a few days, but we work as quickly as possible to get you moved in.  The credit and background check information comes in quickly. The majority of processing time is needed to confirm your rental history verification and income which requires the collaboration of your landlord and employer. It may speed up the process to notify your landlord and employer that Ramey and Associates of Louisville Best Rentals will be requesting information.

What happens when there are multiple applications on the same property? 

  • We may have multiple applications on hold for the same property you have applied for. We review all applications thoroughly. If your application is on hold and we select another applicant, we may offer you the opportunity to transfer your application to another property.

If my application is transferred to another available property, do I have to pay the credit and background fee again?

  • If within the last 30 days, you submitted a credit and background check through the Cozy.co application process, you will not need to pay this fee again.

When is rent due?

  • Rent is due on the first of each month.

How can I pay rent, deposit, and pet fees?

  • Rent can be paid through the mail with check or money order or through your renter profile on Cozy.co.

When do late fees start?

  • Late fees are assessed starting on the second of the month.

How are late fees assessed?

  • Late fees are assessed by either the post-marked date on the envelope if mailed or by the date of payment notification if paid on Cozy.co.

How long is a lease term?

  • 1 year unless otherwise specified.

Where is your office located?

  • We do not have an office open to the public.

How will I know if my application was approved or denied? 

  • If your application is approved, the deposit will be due within 48 hours of acceptance. Any voicemails,messages, or emails to you by our office are considered making contact with you, regardless if an actual phone conversation took place or not. You are responsible for contacting the office if your contacts change during the application process.

Do you take Section 8?

  • Yes on specified properties only. If it does not say “Section 8 approved” in the property description, then it is not Section 8 approved.

Can I pay the deposit in 2 payments?

  • No, deposits are due in full within 48 hours of approval.
  • If the security deposit is not sent in by the deadline, the application(s) will be made inactive.

What if i change my mind?

  • Security deposits will be treated as a holding deposit until the lease is signed. Once signed the holding deposit becomes your security deposit. Holding deposits are non-refundable; no exceptions. 

What are your rental requirements?

  • Rental History – Applicants must have a positive, verifiable rental history from a landlord who is a not a relative or friend.  A positive and verifiable mortgage history is acceptable as well. Any applicant who is found to have had an eviction within the last 3 years is subject to automatic denial. Management may make an exception if documentation of payoff can be provided. Multiple applicants will be reviewed together. If any of the applicants are rejected, all of the applicants will be denied.
  • Income – Applicants must have gross monthly income of at least 2.5-3 times the monthly rent. Income or employment verification must be confirmed by fax, mail or email to rentals@rameyandassociatesinc.com with copies of your two most recent pay stubs, offer letter, tax forms, statements, award letters, vouchers, child support documents, etc. If an applicant is to begin a new job, the applicant must provide an offer letter on employer’s letterhead with starting salary and start date. If the applicant is self-employed, such applicant must provide the previous year’s income tax return.
  • Criminal Background – The application will be automatically denied if any of the following are discovered: First Degree Murder, Arson or Sexual Offenses including but not limited to Forcible rape, Child molestation and Aggravated Sexual Battery.
    The application will be denied if within 10 years from date of application any of the following felony convictions are discovered:  Harm against a person or property, Homicide, Manslaughter, Armed Robbery, Assault, Buying, Receiving or Possession of stolen property, Burglary or Theft, Embezzlement, or Sales or Manufacture of a controlled substance.  The application will be denied if within 5 years from the date of the application any of these misdemeanors are discovered:  Illegal use of a controlled substance, Prostitution, Stalking, Forgery or Weapon offenses.
  • Credit – A credit report will be reviewed on all applicants to verify account credit risk ratings, validity of social security number and information provided by applicant in the online application. Accounts that will negatively influence the approval process include, but are not limited to: collections, charge-offs, repossession, late payments, evictions, tax liens, bankruptcy, multiple identities, fraud alerts and a social security number associated with fraud or misuse.  Management may make exceptions for documented reporting errors.
  • If you fall into the above categories and feel that you will not be approved, do not apply. However, if you feel that you are in a “grey area” on aspects of the credit and background check, we encourage you to apply because we won’t know any further information until we have the full picture of you as an applicant.
  • We do not accept co-signers. Applicants must qualify on their own.

If I do not get a traditional paycheck – how do I prove income?

  • A letter from your employer or your previous year tax returns.

What will I need at the lease signing?

  • Everyone 18 and over will need to be present to sign the lease. A photo ID and social security card will need to be presented at the lease signing. Rent due for the month or remainder of the month you are moving in will need to be brought to the lease signing to get the keys. Rent may be paid with money order or check – NO CASH. Pro-rated rent amount is based on the date of lease signing, and will be confirmed prior to rental payment request. Any lease signings on the 20th of the month or after will require rental payment of the following month to be paid as well. Lease signings are held at the property you will be leasing.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

  • Please contact our maintenance line at 502-451-2100 ext. 3. This is a voicemail system only – you will not reach a live person. You must leave your name, phone number, address, and a brief description of the issue. This line is monitored at all times. Someone will return your call.

What is considered a maintenance emergency?

  • A maintenance emergency would include: no heat or AC in extreme temperatures, water leaks, broken out windows/busted in doors, sewer/plumbing backups, no hot water, ceiling collapse, any issues that expose the property to the elements, further damage, or puts residents in harm or danger.

How can I add someone to my lease?

  • To add someone 18 and over to your lease, they will need to complete an online application and be approved by management. To add someone under the age of 18, you must submit a written request to management with the new occupants full name and age. Please call or email us to take care of this.

How can I remove someone from my lease?

  • To remove someone 18 and over from your lease, request to remove the individual must be submitted to management in writing. Management will review the lease and make sure the remaining residents income qualify for the property. In some events, additional information such as updated proof of income may be required. If approved, management will send out a form removing the requested individual and everyone 18 or over on the lease will need to complete the form and return to the office to make the removal official. Removal of an individual under 18 also needs to be submitted in writing.

When will I get my deposit back?

  • Once you have fulfilled your lease term, gave proper notice, and completed your move out inspection, your security deposit will be returned less any damages or account balances within 30 days of the move out inspection.

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